KJ is short for Kevin Jacoby. “Too many syllables,” he deadpans. “This is easier.” 

It all started at a music conservatory in Philadelphia where KJ studied jazz with world-renowned bassist Gerald Veasley (Grover Washington Jr, Zawinul Syndicate). After graduation, legendary bassist Lincoln Goines (Mike Stern, New York Voices) took KJ under his wing and helped him make the move to NYC. KJ lived and breathed music on the highest possible level. He played, toured, wrote, and recorded with a myriad of artists in a myriad of styles. Then he met Cecilia.

Cecilia was a rock band on the verge of stardom. A multi-million dollar deal with Atlantic Records set off an explosion of touring and recording. With Cecilia, KJ found himself in clubs, theaters, and arenas around the world, sharing the stage with pop icons like Alicia Keys, Hootie and the Blowfish, Hanson, and Aimee Mann.

In 2016, KJ began work on an EP produced by legendary audio engineer Scott Hull (Jay Z, Sting, Dave Matthews). “It took a while to figure out what kind of sound I wanted to make," remembers Kevin. "Eventually, as the vibe of the record came together, it became clear to me that there was only one person who could help me bring it to the stage.”

Juice signed on, The Oddysy was born, the rest is history.

Johnny Juice

DJ Johnny “Juice” Rosado is an Emmy- and NAACP Image-nominated composer, producer, turntablist, engineer, musician, B-boy, graf writer, MC, educator, lecturer, and mentor. 

Growing up in the Bronx, Juice witnessed the birth of hip-hop first hand. He listened, he learned, and then he put his skills to the test as a member of Public Enemy, touring the world with the likes of Chuck D and Flavor Flav. The indelible mark left by his world-class musicianship earned him a place in hip-hop history. In 2013 Juice was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as part Public Enemy.

When he was ready for a change from life on the road, Juice turned his eye to collaborating with the same legendary artists he’d spin in clubs as an up & coming DJ . Beastie Boys. Slick Rick. Leaders of the New School. KRS One. DMC. The list goes on—it’ll never stop. Juice doesn’t stop.

Johnny Juice has hit the stage on Letterman, Fallen, and HBO. He’s created Emmy-nominated music for ESPN. The Puerto Rican Cultural Society chose him as their Hip Hop Icon and Cultural Attaché. Juice has been there and done that a hundreds times over. And he’s just getting started.