The Oddysy's Network TV Debut on The Q On Fox

We headed down to Philly to tape The Q On Fox with host Quincy Harris, and a live studio audience. Here’s some behind the scenes footage:

If you want to watch the segment as it aired on October 8, 2019, you can check it out here.

It was a crazy 36 hours. We played Nurse Bettie the night before in NYC, then headed straight down to Philly. We slept for 3 hours (maybe) and then headed over to the studio.

What they don’t tell you is that TV studios are unbelievably cold. They keep it that way to counteract the extreme heat from all the lights. You spend half the time wishing someone would set you on fire, and the other half hoping for an ice bath.

The show went great. We played the hell out of BANG BANG ft. Chuck D, with Johnny Juice doing Chuck’s part (and killing it). And we left Quincy with his very own copy of our new Limited Edition Red Vinyl of BANG BANG ft. Chuck D, and Rage of Love on the B-side.