KJ Plays Instruments He Doesn't Play

A long two weeks ago in a galaxy far, far away...

Episode V: Rogue Horn

It is a dark time for The Oddysy. Construction of Ato's Apartment is complete and the mighty weapon has become a menace to the galaxy. KJ-2187 must steal the plans that reveal its hidden weakness.

A long two weeks ago in a galaxy far, far away...

Episode IV: The Oddysy Strikes Back

Princess Cora and the rebels hide out in Ato Calrissian's cloud city apartment. But the Empire finds out because Ato is kind of a jerk. Darth Bourbon encases Han Solo Cup in a carbonite autoharp. Now KJ Skywalker must face his greatest fear.

A long week ago in a galaxy far, far away...

Episode III: No Hope

As The Oddysy Alliance struggles to maintain a tenuous grasp on reality, Darth Tuba closes in. KJ Skycrawler must face the brass Sith on the humid planet of NYC. Under the watchful eye of Master Ato a mighty battle ensues.

The saga continues as KJ returns to battle the small but mighty piccolo. Cast out into the wilderness (aka Ato's crib) he must survive with only his wits, his bourbon, and... ya know... a piccolo.

Michael Brecker and John Coltrane made it look easy. KJ finds out it ain't.


Incantation (Official Video)

Filmed at Masterdisk Studios
Director: Mark Doerrier
Editing: Mark Doerrier
Audio: Scott Hull
Stylist: Cora Levin