The Videos


Directed by Ato Essandoh

Cast & Crew: DJ Johnny Juice, KJ, Cora Levin, Crystal Arnette, Jen Gordon Thomas, Tijuana Pirro, Brad Fleischer, Soomi Kim, Grace Tappin, Tesfa Zawdie, Peter Hilton, Patrick Ssenjovu, Cleo Gray, Felix Van Dijk.

Shot on location in the Clinton-Washington stop on the G Train, Brooklyn, NY in 2018.


Directed by Mark Doerrier

Shot on location at Masterdisk Studios in Peekskill, NY in 2017.

Produced by Scott Hull.

Live Shows

The Oddysy playing Rage of Love on Soundcheck (New Sounds) hosted by John Schaefer for WNYC / NPR.

Rage of Love - Live at El Cortez, Brooklyn

The Oddysy playing Rage of Love at El Cortez in Brooklyn, NY. Opening for Leaders of the New School / New School Inc featuring C Boogie Brown and Dinco D.

Let Me Out - Live at Nurse Bettie, NYC

The Oddysy playing "Let Me Out" at Nurse Bettie - Lower East Side (LES), New York City as part of The Nurse Bettie Residency on the first Monday of every month, like, forever.


KJ and Johnny Juice On Writing "Cold Blooded"

KJ and DJ Johnny Juice talking about the first song they wrote together, Cold Blooded. Part of an interview filmed at El Cortez in Brooklyn, NY during TO's first NYC show.

The Oddysy - Talking About… Being Tall?

KJ, Juice, and friend of The Oddysy, Sedan, talking a bunch of sh!t. Something about The Odd Couple, South Africa, Puerto Rico, and a bunch of other stuff.

The Oddysy On Writing "Alone"

DJ Johnny Juice and KJ talk about writing Alone for The Oddysy's debut record, You Must Be Just Don't Know Who I Is. Contains cuts of the official video for Alone, directed by Ato Essandoh.

“KJ Plays Instruments He Doesn't Play”

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...

Episode I: The Oddysy Awakens

Kylo Essandoh stuck a giant gun in the middle of a planet. It looks suspiciously like a Death Star which is why the rebels must blow it up (again).

A long two weeks ago in a galaxy far, far away...

Episode II: Return of The Oddysy

KJ Skywalker crafts his own lightsaber (looks like a piccolo) and travels to the forest moon of Ato's apartment to confront his father, Darth Essandoh. Princess Cora and Juice Calrissian destroy the Death Star (again).

A long two weeks ago in a galaxy far, far away...

Episode III: No Hope

As The Oddysy Alliance struggles to maintain a tenuous grasp on reality, Darth Tuba closes in. KJ Skycrawler must face the brass Sith on the humid planet of NYC. Under the watchful eye of Master Ato a mighty battle ensues.

A long two weeks ago in a galaxy far, far away...

Episode IV: The Oddysy Strikes Back

Princess Cora and the rebels hide out in Ato Calrissian's cloud city apartment. But the Empire finds out because Ato is kind of a jerk. Darth Bourbon encases Han Solo Cup in a carbonite autoharp.

A long two weeks ago in a galaxy far, far away...

Episode V: Rogue Horn

It is a dark time for The Oddysy. Construction of Ato's Apartment is complete and the mighty weapon has become a menace to the galaxy. KJ-2187 must steal the plans that reveal its hidden weakness.

This is the teaser that was going to run before the last episode of KJ Plays Instruments He Doesn't Play. But we never actually got around to putting the last episode out. Some things just weren't meant to be finished.